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View from the porch

I’ve been back a couple of weeks now, but wanted to do at least a couple of posts on my recent vacation. I’d better hurry for all the details slip away.

Took a few days and headed north to Canada. Spent three days at the Creekside Cottage outside Sechelt, B.C. I’ve been there before and love the peace and quiet. Especially in late October. The trip north was relatively painless (there always seems to be so much traffic in and around Vancouver), and I do love the view at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

Friday night while I was there the skies let loose and the wind and rain were intense. Pinecones hitting the roof. Kind of exciting and scary all at the same time. Also, watched the movie “1408” that night. A scary movie I’d never seen before. And it’s based on a Stephen King short story. Good stuff.

On Halloween I went into Sechelt (the nearby town) to use the computer at the library for a bit. I love the look of the library from the outside and the feel of the town. Basically just walked around a bit. Went down to the pier, then drove back to the cabin and hung out. Read some. No one came trick or treating. Fine by me.


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