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That’s what it’s called, “Hell week.” Those last few rehearsals before the official opening of a show. Lots of late nights, high-running emotions and the last few pieces of the puzzle falling in to place. And I’ve got it easy. The dancers in our show are working their butts off.

We’ve made it. The cast and crew of “Chicago” at Seattle Musical Theatre are ready to kick ass and take names. I’m quite honored and humbled to be a part of this great show. Thank you to Ann, Paul and Crystal for letting me come and play.

If you’re in the Seattle area (Nov. 12-Dec. 4), come check us out. We’ll show ya a good time, I promise.


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At my day job, the November election is always a big deal. I usually have to work an odd shift (4 p.m.-midnight) to help with the results as they come in.

Normally, I start scoffing in late September. “What? I have to change my schedule?” “Can’t someone else do it?” And this year I have to miss a tech rehearsal for “Chicago.” Whine, whine, whine.

But then I get to work and it’s actually kind of fun. There’s the strange feeling of doing “normal” work late at night. The company always buys us pizza for dinner, and then all the mad typing of the numbers into the system, while trying to make the deadlines.

O.k., I’ll admit it. I kind of like it.

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