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Anyone who’s a fan of the book will (I think) really enjoy the movie adaptation. Some of the camera work – especially during action sequences – is rushed and choppy, but that’s a tiny quibble. Stanley Tucci – all blue hair and big teeth – is great as host Caesar Flickerman, I loved Josh Hutcherson’s soulful Peeta, but this is Jennifer Lawrence’s movie. Her Katniss Everdeen is resourceful, emotional and fascinating to watch. This movie would be nothing without her.


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Michael Costello, Mondo Guerra and Austin Scarlett are the three remaining designers. While it’s been fun having so many “personalities” back for this “all-star” edition (and having Isaac Mizrahi on the judges panel was a brilliant idea), if Mondo doesn’t win, there may be some sort of viewer revolt. Do you remember the whole Gretchen-fiasco? I certainly do. Go Mondo!

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Yes, I know I’ve been away for weeks (o.k., more like months), but had to share my current movie trailer obsession.

Mr. Ridley Scott, just tell me where to line up and how much money you want. Or as a friend posted recently, “JUST TAKE MY MONEY RIDLEY!! TAKE IT ALL!!!”

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