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IMG_9749Thanks to absolutely everyone for all the birthday love. It’s been quite a weekend. First, a great visit with Tammi and Bradetta in their new neighborhood, then viewing the NYE fireworks with a stalwart group of college friends. Then my fifth annual Polar Bear Plunge at Matthews Beach with brave/crazy members of my family (love you Brandon, Kayla, Chris and Jenny) on Jan. 1st. Next, the second annual Cozy New Year gathering (including my birthday) at an undisclosed location with a collection of beautiful and talented artists (Jenni, Matthew, Valerie, Jeff, Laurell, Adrian,Dara, Elizabeth and Sheila, you are the best). A nice visit with Mom Shirley, and then finally a great dinner with dear friends I hadn’t laid eyes on in over a year (Darcey, Brian, Deb and Chris, you are truly lovely souls). What’s next?


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I found these great photos on the Fresh Air Tumblr. Calvin & Hobbes merged onto real photographs. These are just two of my favorites. Check all of them out on the Nerd Approved web site.

They made my day, and I hope they make you smile. Hi Jenny!


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Happy Easter from me and my family (circa 1976)!

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So, here we are now into the second month of a new year. How’s it going?

I turned 50 back on Jan. 2nd. My sister Jenny threw me a great party, inviting all sorts of family and many of my good friends. It was an amazing afternoon. Thanks sis (and Mom, who funded the operation).

The remainder of January was spent in rehearsal (for “The Drowsy Chaperone”) and performance (“Casting Call” at Breeders Theater). Often I did both on the same day. I was very proud of the “Casting Call” cast. After a seemingly endless rehearsal process, they emerged with a pretty damn funny show. Take a bow Scheide, Erika, Teresa, Laura, Andrew and Eric. You done good.

It’s the end of Hell Week for “Chaperone” and I’m thinking we just may pull it off. It’s a cute, 1920s-set “musical within a comedy.” I play Feldzieg, the producer of the “show within the show.” I’m working with a whole bunch of insanely talented people. Lots of late nights and hard work, but here we are. “Ding-a-ling!”

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What a nice day. I found a lovely alternative to the way I usually want to spend this holiday (Hint, it involves cowering in a corner cut off from all communication).

I drove down to Mom’s in Tacoma and helped her out with household stuff, then we drove up to Jenny and Kirk’s place for what has become a lovely tradition, a Valentine’s dinner. All the kids were there (Kira made a brief appearance before heading out with some friends), some of Kayla’s friends and Kirk’s Mom, Shirley.

Nice chat, some poetry reading and storytelling, exchanging of cards…and food. Sister Jenny always does such a great job with the dinner.

Then the drive back to Tacoma (with a quick phone call from Mom’s brother, Dick and his wife Betty) where we watched the last part of the “The Amazing Race” premiere on tv. Good stuff.

Nice day. Good food. Lots of Love.

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The Thermos Museum

So goes the legend, told by friend Nick and my cousin Melina, of a “Thermos Museum” located in mysterious Bremerton.

I was not sure if such a thing could possibly exist, but today sister Jenny and I travelled by ferry boat to the wonderous land of fountains, Pyrex and (after a short drive) a little cafe with a groovy-looking van out front. Not until I sat down, took a glance at the breakfast menu and then looked up, did I realize that everything I’d heard was true.

Thermoses everywhere. On shelves high and low. Lunchboxes and a surfboard too. Breakfast was great. The company even better, and in the restroom there was a special treat. Just look for the small sign marked “Disco switch.”

As we made the return ferry-trip aboard the mighty Hyak. I vowed someday I will return. Oh Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe, you are a thing of wonder.

And take heed, oh unbelieving city-dweller. The overheard whispers of this legendary place are more than mere folly.

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