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workme_31609Today marks my 30th anniversary at the Seattle Times. My first job was answering customer complaint calls in the circulation phone room (fun!?), then came my time as a news aide (delivering papers and mail in the newsroom), and then my job as news assistant which has morphed and changed into what I do now…wait, what is it that I do now? Thanks to all my co-workers (o.k. and the readers, too), who make each day an adventure. Here’s me 6 years ago, working (?) at my desk. #TBT


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Here you go, Jackson and Justyne. I nominate Steve Scheide, Nick Thacker, Kira Posey, Kelland Lindsey and Jr Stanley

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Happy Easter from me and my family (circa 1976)!

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Two great friends of mine got married on Sept. 4 at Ray’s Boathouse.  The weather and setting were gorgeous, and the place was filled with supportive and wonderful people. The first picture (to the right) is the group of us sitting in our places, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Jill and Jason were the couple of the hour. I’ve known Jill for years, worked with her as an actress several times at a little theater up in Edmonds. She and Jason have been a couple for a few years, and it was nice to join them in this celebration. I just love this second picture, at the close of the ceremony with Jill and bouquet in the air.

The reception was just perfect. It was full of chatter, toasts, mimosas, brunch food and I was sitting at what I like to think of as the best table (#3) in the joint. I’ve been bragging that we ruled that reception. Plus we were close to the amazing dessert display (check out this photo).

Thanks to Geri and Deb for the photos above. If you will indulge me, there’s just one more. It was taken as things came to a close, and Jill & Jason were leaving the reception in a flurry of petals to their waiting car. Darcey got this one (thanks, Red). Just beautiful.

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At my day job, the November election is always a big deal. I usually have to work an odd shift (4 p.m.-midnight) to help with the results as they come in.

Normally, I start scoffing in late September. “What? I have to change my schedule?” “Can’t someone else do it?” And this year I have to miss a tech rehearsal for “Chicago.” Whine, whine, whine.

But then I get to work and it’s actually kind of fun. There’s the strange feeling of doing “normal” work late at night. The company always buys us pizza for dinner, and then all the mad typing of the numbers into the system, while trying to make the deadlines.

O.k., I’ll admit it. I kind of like it.

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O.K. folks. I’m over here at WordPress now. Shouldn’t be much different. Just me talking about stuff I’m doing.

I’ve been a busy boy these last few days. I’ve been cast as Daddy Warbucks in a local production of “Annie” (thanks Wilkie).  I’ve seen three shows this weekend. Thursday was Ghost Light Theatricals’ “Three Sisters,” Friday was Cornish College’s “Urinetown” (bang up job by the students) and tonight just got back from West Seattle where I saw “Miss Firecracker Contest” by Twelfth Night Productions.

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