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142759_6016-900x600It’s business as usual for the hilarious Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker clan as they end their seventh season. Claire (Julie Bowen) has a hard time trying to fire an employee; Phil (Ty Burrell) thinks he may have caught son Luke (Nolan Gould) with a girl; Alex (Ariel Winter) moves back home for the summer; Jay (Ed O’Neill) does not think it will be difficult to re-enter the workforce. Season finale, 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, on ABC.


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mfIt’s April Fools’ Day, so for a good laugh that doesn’t involve pranking your friends and co-workers, you might want to check in with the extended Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family. The gang is still going strong in the show’s sixth season, finding laughs in everyday events. Tonight’s episode revolves around Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) birthday. 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 1, on ABC

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When you think of big TV weddings, what names come to mind? Luke and Laura? Rhoda and Joe? (I’ll pause now while those people under 30 rush to their search engines). After tonight, you might want to add Mitchell and Cameron (Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet) to that list. The popular comedy closes out its fifth season with the first (of two) episodes centering around the couple’s sure-to-be hilarious nuptials. Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) will make an adorable flower girl, and remember, Pepper Saltzman (Nathan Lane) is the wedding planner. 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 14, on ABC.

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Modern Family_ Season 5On the heels of winning its fourth consecutive Emmy award for best comedy series, here comes a fifth season of adventures for this well-loved TV family. On the hourlong season premiere, Phil and Claire (Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen) try to plan a kid-free week, and Luke and Manny (Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez) head to (shiver) high school. Welcome back, Dunphy/Pritchett clan!

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Russell Hantz

“Survivor” and “Modern Family,” two of my favorite shows were new last night, and I think they both deserve a little shout out.

The 20th (!) edition of “Survivor” has had me hooked from the beginning. I must admit that I had stopped watching the show regularly the last few seasons, but having some of the best players from the last 10 years return for this “Heroes vs. Villains” edition was a brilliant idea.

Last night’s episode had the players scrambling when they discovered that both teams were headed for Tribal Council to each vote a member off. It was kind of sad to see Colby (a favorite of mine from season two) seeming to give up, and watching Russell (pictured, right) try to outplay “Boston” Rob was just great freaking tv. Both Tribal Councils were surprising as to who was finally sent home (no spoilers for those who haven’t seen it), and I totally agreed when a member of the villains tribe stated “What just happened?”.

Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara

The “Starry Night” episode of  “Modern Family” was another great mix of storylines with characters Cameron and Gloria (Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara, left) having dinner together, father and son Phil and Luke (Ty Burrell and Nolan Gould) working on Van Gogh school project, and a astronomy outing with Jay, Mitchell and Manny (Ed O’Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Rico Rodriguez). The acting is great, with my favorites being Burrell, Stonestreet and Rodriguez, and the writing top notch. Some of my favorite lines last night were, “Everybody is stupid, except me,” “I feel like I ate the sun” and “My mouth is asleep like at the dentist.” I find myself laughing out loud every week and can hardly wait for the next new episode.

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Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison on "Glee"

Another day with no rehearsals or performances, but I need to rest up for the our final weekend of “The Producers,” so nothing too crazy today.

Work was it’s usual Wednesday self. Hectic with all sorts of deadlines to meet and things to finish. A co-worker is on vacation this week, so I got to do the movie chart that he usually prepares, so that put a little spin on things.

Went downtown and bought a few kitchen items. A stopper/drainer for the sink, a scrubber (that holds liquid soap in the the handle) and some new Method dish soap. I stocked up on a few Halloween cards at Hallmark then home (I really didn’t mean for this paragraph to sound like an advertisement, sorry).

Some good tv tonight. I love the new show, “Modern Family,” Heidi Klum was funny as always on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and what can I say about Kristin Chenoweth on “Glee” tonight? Very, very nice.

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