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It closed over a month ago, but just wanted to take a quick moment to post a couple of pictures from “The Drowsy Chaperone.” It was a whirlwind of a show that I like to compare to being shot out of a cannon. From the opening number on, there was hardly a moment to pause. Go. go. go! Thanks to everyone involved (especially Bradetta Vines and Buddy Mahoney). I had a blast playing with you all. Here’s our cast photo.

Almost forgot.  We also had an amazing crew. These guys were great. The “official” crew photo is below.


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So, here we are now into the second month of a new year. How’s it going?

I turned 50 back on Jan. 2nd. My sister Jenny threw me a great party, inviting all sorts of family and many of my good friends. It was an amazing afternoon. Thanks sis (and Mom, who funded the operation).

The remainder of January was spent in rehearsal (for “The Drowsy Chaperone”) and performance (“Casting Call” at Breeders Theater). Often I did both on the same day. I was very proud of the “Casting Call” cast. After a seemingly endless rehearsal process, they emerged with a pretty damn funny show. Take a bow Scheide, Erika, Teresa, Laura, Andrew and Eric. You done good.

It’s the end of Hell Week for “Chaperone” and I’m thinking we just may pull it off. It’s a cute, 1920s-set “musical within a comedy.” I play Feldzieg, the producer of the “show within the show.” I’m working with a whole bunch of insanely talented people. Lots of late nights and hard work, but here we are. “Ding-a-ling!”

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The cast of "Chicago" at Seattle Musical Theatre, 2010

“Chicago” closed back at the beginning of the month. Great cast and crew. Good folks who worked hard, but we still had a lot of fun. I really did enjoy working with each and every one of them. Getting to watch the dancers warm-up before the show with “All That Jazz,” singing “Mr. Cellophane” in my oversized shoes, and watching Lindsey and Danielle do the “Hot Honey Rag” from the wings were some of my favorite moments. Love this cast photo (above). And I wont be gone from SMT for long. Rehearsals for “The Drowsy Chaperone” start next week.


Christmas came and went with its usual flurry of activity, gatherings and gifts. Spent some nice time with my Mom and the Poseys over the holiday weekend. The Christmas Eve service at Lake Washington United Methodist Church was great as always. There was a youngster there who kept shouting “Yay” at the end of every hymn and prayer reading. It made me smile. I really do love this time of year, but it’s the best when all is said and done and you can just enjoy the time with family and friends. I spent some great holiday time with friends Tammi and Detta. Here’s a picture of their tree.


Been busy the last few weeks directing a new play for Breeders Theater. It’s called “Casting Call” and my cast is doing great work. It’s been a little tough with holiday schedules, chilly rehearsal space and all, but things are falling into place and we should be more than ready for our Jan. 14th opening.

Coming soon…The New Year (and my 50th birthday)!

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That’s what it’s called, “Hell week.” Those last few rehearsals before the official opening of a show. Lots of late nights, high-running emotions and the last few pieces of the puzzle falling in to place. And I’ve got it easy. The dancers in our show are working their butts off.

We’ve made it. The cast and crew of “Chicago” at Seattle Musical Theatre are ready to kick ass and take names. I’m quite honored and humbled to be a part of this great show. Thank you to Ann, Paul and Crystal for letting me come and play.

If you’re in the Seattle area (Nov. 12-Dec. 4), come check us out. We’ll show ya a good time, I promise.

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I know I mentioned it already, but I’m playing Amos Hart (“Mr. Cellophane”) in an upcoming production of “Chicago” at Seattle Musical Theatre. It’s a role I’ve played before (almost 25 years ago at a small theater in Gig Harbor) and it is great to be delving into this character again.

Rehearsals are chugging along just fine. I got to watch some of our oh-so-talented cast run-through both the “I Know a Girl” and “Me and My Baby” numbers last night. Our choreographer, Crystal Dawn-Munkers, is doing amazing work.

We open Nov. 12th (that’s three weeks from today). Call 206-363-2809 for ticket information.

Danielle Barnum as Roxie, Troy Johnson as Billy and Lindsey Larson as Velma


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As I begin rehearsals for my next project (“Chicago” at Seattle Musical Theatre), I wanted to take a quick look back at some of the great stuff I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

First off there was “Sleuth” at Tacoma Little Theatre featuring my friend Alan Wilkie (and Christian Doyle, pictured).  Great set by Blake R. York. Both actors did nice work in a show where the twisty plot is best left to be discovered than analyzed.

The very next week I went over to Seattle Musical Theatre to see their production of “Camelot.” I have to admit here that this is not my favorite of musicals, but the cast and crew at SMT did a very capable job.  Director Ward Scott Brown made some efficient cuts in the script that kept the evening at just over two hours. I’ve seen productions of “Camelot” that went on and on and on. Tops among the cast for me were Jared Michael Brown as King Arthur and Spencer Fairbanks as Squire Dap.

Then there was “Judy Sings Judy,” starring my friend Judy Ann Moulton singing the songs of Judy Garland backed by a great band. A lovely evening (I especially enjoyed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “The Man That Got Away”). Additional shout outs to director David Koch and the always lovely D.J. Gommels at the piano.

The last of the group was “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at Renton Civic Theatre. I’ve seen a tour of he show before and it is pretty darn adorable. One of the actors was actually absent the night I went and the rest of the cast had to delay the start time for the show, regroup and work around her. Delightful work all around. Standouts for me were Nancy Fisher as Rona Lisa Perretti and Heather Edwards McRobbie as Olive Ostrovsky. And the always capable Kim Douglass and Jim Fisher did great work as the onstage band. I also got to be one of the spellers chosen from the audience. It was fun, but I went out on the word “mizzle.”

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Seattle Musical Theatre’s 2008 production of “1776”

Years ago, my friend Sara and I glommed on to this phrase (read on the side of some fireworks) and now Independence Day isn’t complete ’till one of us says it to the other. Picture to the right is from SMT’s production of “1776” that I did back in 2008.

A quiet Fourth of July for me. Spending it with my wonderful Mom. We’ll grill a bit, have our annual viewing of “1776” and probably talk to far flung family members on the phone.

Thanks to all the folks who keep our country safe.

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