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One of the first things we did upon arrival in Pittsburgh (yes, sister Suzie was surprised as were the kids) was travel south to the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Fallingwater.

I saw a documentary about the architect a few years back and when I realized that the Fallingwater house was relatively close to where my sister lived, I’ve always wanted to go and check it out.

Yes, it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. There’s a visitors center and guided tours. I was taken by the clean lines and solid structure of the house, and the story of how Wright designed it for the Kaufmann family back in the 1930s.


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The Long Beach Resort

I spent just a couple of days at the Long Beach Resort and the Tofino area. I had a third floor room with an excellent view. I saw some surfers there my first morning. I had espresso at Caffe Vincente and did a lot of walking, picture taking and sleeping.

There are some more pictures at my Flickr site.

Up next, my 2009 round up.

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On the second half of my vacation I rose early and drove north from Sechelt to catch a ferry boat at Earl’s Cove. Last time I did this (three years ago) it was so dark I couldn’t see anything. Much better views this time. There’s something so peaceful about the wilderness in this area that I just love.

The Earl’s Cove ferry goes to Saltery Bay, and from there it’s a short drive to Powell River. It seems like such a nice, peaceful place that if I had the money, I might consider moving there. It was a Sunday morning when I arrived, so while waiting for the next ferry, I took a walk. Discovered a nice little book store and just took in the surroundings.

The next ferry travels between Powell River and Comox. Then there is the drive southeast on Vancouver Island to the Pacific Coast Highway that heads through Port Alberni (another nice little town), alongside Sproat Lake, winds through the mountains (an actual black bear crossed the road in front of my car) over to the coast and my destination, Tofino.

I’d heard for the past couple of days that the Olympic torch had arrived on Vancouver Island and was making stops at several different places. Little did I know as I reached the final stretch, the torch was nearby on Long Beach. I did notice a lot more traffic on this stretch of road (and a few police cars), but didn’t find out why until I arrived at the Long Beach Resort.

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View from the porch

I’ve been back a couple of weeks now, but wanted to do at least a couple of posts on my recent vacation. I’d better hurry for all the details slip away.

Took a few days and headed north to Canada. Spent three days at the Creekside Cottage outside Sechelt, B.C. I’ve been there before and love the peace and quiet. Especially in late October. The trip north was relatively painless (there always seems to be so much traffic in and around Vancouver), and I do love the view at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

Friday night while I was there the skies let loose and the wind and rain were intense. Pinecones hitting the roof. Kind of exciting and scary all at the same time. Also, watched the movie “1408” that night. A scary movie I’d never seen before. And it’s based on a Stephen King short story. Good stuff.

On Halloween I went into Sechelt (the nearby town) to use the computer at the library for a bit. I love the look of the library from the outside and the feel of the town. Basically just walked around a bit. Went down to the pier, then drove back to the cabin and hung out. Read some. No one came trick or treating. Fine by me.

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A Change in the Weather

The weather folks said thing would change today, and boy were they right. When I left work it was downright chilly (and I’d worn shorts today, so brrr).

Another Monday at work. Lots of stuff to do, but still feeling tired from the shows this weekend. Nice compliments from my co-worker Madeline who came to the show on Sunday with Rob.

I got an offer to do a fundraiser/murder mystery for Centerstage Theatre in Federal Way on Oct. 23. Since that’s when I’d planned on being on vacation, I did some juggling and will now be in Canada over Halloween. Don’t know if that means anything, but there you are.

Watched a bunch of tv tonight. “Desperate Housewives,” “Mad Men,” “Eastwick,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “Parks and Recreation.” Pretty big night for me.

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